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Paramore: Wembley Arena 18/12/09

Now if you know me well, you’ll know that I am an avid lover of snow. I wish on every occasion that it would fall, and to settle with several feet of it everywhere. Being in England, that is not likely to happen, especially in the South. But to get snow on Friday 18th December, I was not pleased. It should have arrived a week later in time for Christmas. I checked the train schedule and found that the 4 trains from Midday til 2pm were actually cancelled going to London Waterloo due to the snow. Travelling by train was the only means of getting there so this is where silent panic settled in. We decided to leave it til later, hoping that trains would run again. Thankfully they did, and we took the 4:31pm train to Waterloo. We arrived just over an hour later and after a wrong choice of entrance and a broken lift, we got on the Tube and packed against the walls ready for the half hour journey.

We got out of the station and passed the loud ticket touts chanting “TICKETS FOR PARAMORE, BUY OR SELL!” and slid all the way to the venue, Wembley Arena, which was literally about 2 minutes away from the station. After buying merchandise and a massive queue for the toilets, we sat down at 7pm in our seats, ready for the first band to play at 7:15pm. Nicely timed, if I do say so myself! Now, Now Every Children were up first, and I wasn’t too fussed in all honesty. I listened to all the bands before the gig, and wasn’t impressed with the first two bands. NNEC, however, were a pleasant surprise live. They were much better than what I’d heard previously and I really enjoyed their set. The crowd weren’t so enthusiastic though, and it was evident that most people were only there to see You Me At Six and, obviously, Paramore.

Although NNEC were pretty good live, the inevitable comparison to Paramore would come about, and I’m torn whether to  jump on that band wagon right now. There were differences, albeit slight ones, between them. But female vocalists in a rock band don’t escape the comparison. Whatever your decision, Now, Now Every Children have a long way to go if they want to even come close to the success of Paramore. Paper Route were the second support band of the night, and again they started off pretty good. The first couple of songs were really good and I was on my way to being converted to them. Unfortunately after those first couple of songs, I was a little bored with them, everything started to sound too similar. The crowd were barely enthusiastic, just about getting moving, but no one was standing up in the seated area.

But the band weren’t too phased, saying that they’ve saved the best song for last, playing it, then going on to play one last song. Tragically I cannot remember the first song’s name, which is actually a shame because it was my favourite. ‘Carousel’ was the other track that stood out. They started out bright, but faded into boredom as it went on. Most people were too fussed on the arrival of You Me At Six. The next quarter of an hour was the longest of them all, anticipating the set of one of my favourite up-and-coming English rock bands. The backdrop came down, and everybody screamed. Then nothing happened again for another 5 minutes. Then the lights went out and everybody screamed again. It was official now, You Me At Six had arrived. And it couldn’t have been more welcomed.

Screams continued to echo around the venue as the lead singer, Josh Franceschi, said Hello to his adoring fans. As soon as the stage was set, and the first song, “Kiss And Tell”, started, we were on our feet, as were many people in the seated areas. The concert really kicked off and everyone was moving. You didn’t need to be in standing to realise how much the crowd were moving. Many people were being pushed about down there. Aside from the slight violent feel in standing, everything was great. “Jealous Minds Think Alike” began, and I’m going to say it for all of these songs so I don’t have to repeat myself. Each time a song started, the crowd would scream like mad. They went on to play “If I Were In Your Shoes”, “Save It For The Bedroom” (one of my favourite songs) and “The Consequence” (A new single from their upcoming album).

The next, and penultimate song, was the highlight of their set in my opinion. “Always Attract”, on their album, is a highlight for me anyway, so bringing it to their live set couldn’t really go wrong for me. Inviting his sister, who was the mystery singer to the song on Take Off Your Colours,  on stage to sing her vocals was a touch of brilliance, added with Franceschi asking us to “Take out your phone lights and sway” made the atmosphere something else. Looking around the arena and seeing all the different colours moving backwards and forwards everywhere was special. Closing their set with “Finders Keepers”, You Me At Six would have been leaving the stage with huge grins all over their faces. I’m sure they’ve converted fans from this concert, if they didn’t already have them on their side in the first place.

And then they arrive. It was time for Paramore. Another lengthy wait before they finally arrived on stage, with the chanting of “Paramore” and various attempts at getting a Mexican wave started around the venue (which, may I add, was eventually successful). The lights go down, and bellowing screams (from myself, may I shamefully admit) were all that could be heard as we were all about to witness the greatest show Paramore had ever given. They played their “Brand New Eyes Intro” that they have played at the start of every show since their latest album came out. It really stepped up a notch two minutes later when they started the intro to “Ignorance”. With the crowd chanting in time with the “HEY” after the lyric ‘We’re not the same’ in the chorus, you know you’re in for a good night of crowd involvement.

Twilight fans (don’t get me started on Twilight) were in for a treat, as “I Caught Myself” began. I’ve never really been fond of this song so I wasn’t positive on the words. It didn’t matter as the chorus was easy to pick up on. Playing classics and new songs “That’s What You Get”, “Looking Up”, “Crushcrushcrush” with the crowd seductively whispering crush back at Hayley and the band, and “Turn It Off”, we came across something quite unusual. Hayley produced a letter and said they wanted to invite someone to the stage. Glares and comments passed everyone’s lips at the person or persons who got to go on stage. A minute later and all those glares were exchanged with tears, open mouths and gasps as Liam May asks his girlfriend Leona to marry him. A huge intake of breath and gasps around the arena should really have sucked in all of the people on stage.

This led onto the song “The Only Exception”, a love song fitting for the occasion. If I had more oestrogen in my system, I probably would have cried. But I did not, many people did though. It was definitely a significant moment in the set. One of many. They then went into a classic from their very first album, “Pressure”. Jeremy, the bassist, managed to flip on stage, which was something impressive. “Careful” and “Where The Lines Overlap” followed next, two songs from their latest album, both going down so well. Twilight fans got their chance to squeal again as the “Decode” riff started. So many girly screams filled the arena that only dogs could hear them at one point. I do like ‘Decode’, I really do. I just hate twilight. It’s good press for Paramore and all, but Paramore (as I’ve mentioned before) DO NOT = Twilight.

Then came the moment that beats all moments. The best ever part of any Paramore, or any, concert I have ever been to. They played the song “My Heart” from their very first CD. No other date did they play this. It was just for us. Josh Farro, the lead guitarist, did the screams during the song, and if you were near me, you would have heard me squeal “OH MY GOD” like a little girl. During the song, Hayley said that “This is the best moment of my life” and everyone believed her. We all could have screamed back those same words right at her at that moment. It was one that I’ll never forget. Ever. We then joined in with her singing “Whoa”. Just a simple melodic phrase that we sang in unison. Everyone felt the atmosphere in the arena. You don’t understand how intense it was if you weren’t present. They then went crazy with an instrumental afterwards.

It was incredible. Words can’t describe how I was feeling after that song. They then went offstage, to come back on and give us a three-song encore. On a chair, acoustic guitars in hand, “Misguided Ghosts was played. We were instructed to take out our “Cell Phone lighters” and without question we all did. No one would disobey Hayley Williams after what just happened. It was followed by “Misery Business” which was incredibly well received. Finally, the latest single “Brick By Boring Brick” where confetti poured out of the top of the arena onto the crowd. All the bands came on and bowed and we were all in awe at what had just happened. With the crowd singing along to the “Ba Da Ba’s” at the end of the chorus, there was nothing bad in the night whatsoever. It was just amazing.

I shall not bore you with the details of getting back, as they were far from interesting compared to the concert itself (even though I spoke about getting there in the first place). I have no doubt that this was the best gig I’ve ever been to in my life. It’s definitely getting 10/10 in my book. I would give it 100 if I could. But there is no such thing as 100/10.

Finally, I would like to say that all the pictures in this post were of Kimberley Collins’ taking. Please go and check out her photos here.


Paramore – brand new eyes

Paramore are back with their third studio album, and they’re really maturing as a band. After the reasonable success of Riot! and their majorly successful feature on the soundtrack of the first Twilight movie,  they’ve got a bigger fan base and are taking the world by storm. Williams and the gang, as I said before, have definitely matured, showing a major variety in style and difference in sound, which can only bring them more success. This album is a step in the right direction, with its release on September 28th 2009.

Careful is the first track on the album, and it sure starts off with a bang. With a peculiar intro, leading to a fantastic chorus, with astounding vocals from Williams and brilliant rhythm guitar, you can’t go wrong with it.

Ignorance is next and was the first single from the album, so far peaking at #11 in the singles chart. The bridge and chorus are great, with “Ignorance is your new best friend” being chanted by Williams in the chorus.

Playing God follows and has a slower intro, with just a guitar melody. As Williams joins in, the song explodes into life, but it has a lighter feel to it. The lyrics are great, and with backing vocals from the guys when singing “I’ll point you to the mirror” adds a really nice touch to the song.

Brick By Boring Brick is next, and set to be the second single from brand new eyes. When I first heard this song, I knew I’d love it. The “Ba Da Ba, Ba Da Ba Ba Da” after the chorus is brilliant, and the chorus itself is melodic and catchy.

Turn If Off follows and it has a less-livelier feel to it. Williams still sounds magnificent, with a more tender performance to give you a different side to her.

The Only Exception is next and is a slower song with an almost lullaby-like intro. The song is soothing, and is something we’ve not heard from Paramore on the previous albums, with an acoustic guitar and keys backing up Williams’ voice.

Feeling Sorry follows and brings back the high energy to the album. I seem to always be going on about melodies and harmonies, but again Paramore deliver a great set of those, it’s something that stands out with them as a band.

Looking Up is the next track on the album and I love the drumming that Zac Farro bashes out during the chorus, it’s really well done with the guitars providing the foundations to a great song.

Where The Lines Overlap follows and was one of the tracks they previewed on their last tour before the album was released. Shockingly, my favourite part is the chorus as Williams continues with her stunning vocals. The outro notes are really good too.

Misguided Ghosts is a real slow ballad. With an acoustic guitar and Williams’ voice the only things heard, it’s a really sweet song. The acoustic guitar is played brilliantly and the style of the song is really different to what we’re used to from Paramore.

All I Wanted is the penultimate song on the album, and, I must admit, I wasn’t a fan when I first heard it. But after listening to it a few more times, it really grows on you. Another slower song to finish, with Williams’ haunting vocals really standing out majorly. You need a few listens to appreciate the song.

Decode is the final song on the album, and is a bonus track. It was featured on the Twilight soundtrack, and many people heard Paramore for the first time during the film. What annoys me about this song actually has nothing to do with the song itself, but Twilight fans think that Paramore equals Twilight. And that really gets on my nerves, as they’re extremely better than some vampire movie. All that aside, it’s still a really great song.

Overall, brand new eyes is definitely not what I was expecting. I thought we’d get an album almost identical to the last, but instead we have a completely new feel to the band, providing different arrangements and sounds that really took me by surprise. After thinking about it, I’d give the album 9/10.

Paramore – All We Know Is Falling

All We Know Is Falling was the debut album from teenage rockers Paramore. It was released on April 24th 2006 here in the UK, a year before in the States, and was relatively unknown. It was an album that was one of the first in my collection. Well, discounting the “uncool” pop I have lying around from the late ’90s, early ’00s. It is a great debut album for any alternative rock lover and ‘wannabees’, and will definitely be played plenty of times in the future.

All We Know is the first song from the album and Hayley Williams doesn’t waste any time getting stuck in, showing us her belting vocals. This song was the third single, but unfortunately none were released in the UK, only in the States.

Pressure is next, and is one of my all-time favourite Paramore songs. It was the first single in the States, and was featured on computer game The Sims 2. The chorus is fantastically catchy, and it sure makes you want to sing along!

Emergency follows and, as Pressure, is up there in my top Paramore songs. It has a vaguely similar guitar riff intro to the previous song, but once it gets going, you know it’s a different song entirely. I really enjoy the chorus, where my favourite part is, the ‘rest’ after the first line where everything goes quiet for a split second, with the music restarting again. It was also the second single in the States.

Brighter starts up next, and with the lyrics “You shine brighter than anyone does” you know it’s going to be a good one. With Williams’ killer vocals and the Farro’s guitar and drumming, there’s no chance you won’t enjoy this.

Here We Go Again is the next track and when the symbols start crashing together like that, you know you’re going to love it. With the tempo changing from fast to slow, the variety in Williams’ voice are shown beautifully, and Paramore clearly know how to write a great song.

Never Let This Go follows, and proceeds to become one of my favourites from the album. “Maybe if my heart stops beating, it won’t hurt this much” Hayley sings softly, as the vulnerability in her voice shines through to a chorus that’ll get your falsetto warmed up. Williams’ voice really shines as she works her way through the chorus effortlessly.

Whoa is the next track and, as Williams sings “..and we’ve got everybody singing, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa.” we’ll all join in, there’s no question about that. Sorry about being so corny with that, but I felt it had to be done! This song is just fantastic.

Conspiracy follows, and is one of the very first songs Paramore wrote together as a band. But just because it was their first song, doesn’t mean it’s in any way amateur or below-par. This is a top quality song and any band would be proud to have this as their first ever song together.

Franklin is next, the title is the town where they all came from. “Going back to get away after everything has changed.” is brilliantly sang out by Williams’ clear-cut vocals and it really stands out on the album. You can see why they named it after the place where they came from, it’s worthy of the special place in their heart that i’m sure they feel for this song.

My Heart is the final song on the album, and it features guitarist Josh Farro’s screams, the only song on their album to do so. But instead of tossing away your headphones, it’s a welcomed surprise as they don’t overpower Williams’ superb vocals.

Overall, All We Know Is Falling is a fantastic album, that any band would be pleased with as their debut. It reached #7 on the UK rock chart, but didn’t make the album chart. But, considering their small-ish fan base over in America, it still didn’t do too bad reaching the top 10 in the rock chart. I’d definitely award this album at least 8.5/10.

Riot! was the sophomore album from Paramore, the American band from Franklin, Tennessee. The album was released on June 12th 2007, and I was excited to get my hands on it. From hearing All We Know Is Falling, I knew I loved this band. I couldn’t wait to hear a new sound from them, and that’s exactly what I got. It was a more mature, grown-up sound from them, which I was definitely pleased about. The more I listened to it, the more I loved it and it quickly became one of my favourite albums. The 11 tracks on the album prove that Paramore are ready for the mainstream industry, not necessarily meaning they’re selling out, but are ready for bigger things.

For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic is the opening track, and it sets you off for 40 minutes of alternative rock  heaven. “Just talk yourself up, and tear yourself down” is echoed in your ears as Hayley Williams begins to unleash her faultless vocals into our hearts.

That’s What You Get is next, and the fourth and final single from Riot! With a catchy chorus that’ll definitely have you singing along, That’s What You Get has a charm to it and that’s why it made it into the UK singles chart at #55.

Hallelujah follows, and is one of my favourites from the album. With William’ vocals screaming “Hallelujah” you can’t help but warm to her sweet, but powerful, voice. It didn’t do so well in the charts, only reaching #139 in the UK. But don’t let that put you off, it’s one to watch for on the album.

Misery Business is next, and you’re instantly dancing in your seat or about the room. The opening riff can’t help but make you feel good. It was the first single from Riot! and what a way to introduce Paramore to the radio. This is definitely one of my favourites and it peaked at #17 on the UK singles charts.

When It Rains follows and is an immediate change from what we’ve heard. It’s a slower song, showing you that Hayley can also take it down a notch and bring a different side to Paramore.

Let The Flames Begin is next, and it picks up the pace with a catchy drum beat and guitar riff. Hayley’s vocals are back to what they’re use to, with a faster paced song you can’t not like.

Miracle continues the faster songs, with Hayley singing “I’ve gone for too long, living like i’m not alive” continuing with their brilliant lyrics, the chorus hooks you in and gets you singing along.

Crushcrushcrush is next, and was the third single from Riot! It did okay in the charts, making #61 in the UK and also a frontrunner to one of the best songs from the album. Hayley whispering “Crush” is your ear is probably a highlight for most male listeners!

We Are Broken pulls it back a notch, slowing the tempo right down to give you a rest from all the dancing you’d have been doing. Williams sings “Give us life again, ‘cos we just wanna be whole” giving you a completely different side to the happy Paramore you’re used to.

Fences is the next track, and possibly my favourite from the album. From start to finish, it’s a high-energy song, which makes you want to sing out the lyrics as loud as you can.

Born For This is the final track on the album, and you can clearly see this as one of the best tracks to play live. With a chorus that the audience can sing back to you, Born For This is clearly a hit with the fans, you can just tell it. The track as a whole is catchy and energetic, so it would sure get a crowd jumping.

Overall, Riot! is a fantastic album, compiling a good mix of fast-paced, catchy songs with slower tempoed songs. This is definitely a must-have for any alternative rock enthusiast and Hayley Williams clearly has one of the best voices in that music genre. It peaked in the album chart at #24 and #2 in the UK rock chart. This album is more than worthy of 8.5/10.