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I wrote this a while back for a competition, and I thought I’d post here to see if I can get any feedback from it. Give it a read and let me know what you think, I’ll post the song underneath for reference, if needed.

Everything is dark apart from one light on a close up of Kelly’s lips, coloured with black lipstick, as she sings “It’s like you’re a drug”. The drum beat changes the shot. It cuts to a shot of Kelly’s “boyfriend” in the video, putting his arm around another girl by a magazine cart. The cart is situated on a quiet street, not too much noise or many people busting about, it’s just those two really on the street with the cart and the seller. They’re smiling and talking as he puts his arm around her. She’s the typical attractive blonde girl. Quite tall, long flowing blonde hair, slim. Wearing a short, colourful dress with purple heels.Kelly’s boyfriend is tall, brown-haired and dark eyes. He’s casually dressed in blue jeans and a white shirt, the top buttons are open as it’s a warm sunny day outside. The camera lingers with the girl and Kelly’s boyfriend before panning round to Kelly’s house down the street. It’s a cottage house as we pan in through the top window into Kelly’s bedroom on the line “And I know”. She begins singing the words (I let you… etc) as she’s gets up out of bed and walks to the window to stare out into the street. She puts her hands down on the window pane and turns her head back round to her empty bed on “The only company I see is misery” and then turns back to stare through the window on “all around”. Kelly’s wearing a black nightdress which goes down to her knees. She has smudged make up and slightly red, teary eyes from evident lack of sleep. Her hair is big from the lack of brushing, typical morning hair.

As the next verse starts, it cuts to later on in the day, with Kelly’s boyfriend and the blonde girl in an ice-cream parlour. They’ve bought a milkshake and some vanilla ice-cream to share. The girl has the ice cream, Kelly’s boyfriend has the milkshake at the moment. He drinks through the straw(on the line ‘sucking the life from me’) looking at the girl, who is staring back at him while she eats the ice-cream in a seductive manner. It then cut backs to Kelly, on the line “And I know..”, downstairs in the kitchen of her house pouring herself a glass of water, already half full, from a clear jug, as she sings along, not blinking, just staring out the window as the glass overflows with water, until the line “..quit you over time.” where she turns her head sharply to look at the clock, cut to the clock on “time” showing you’re the time 6:30 with the second-hand 5 seconds after half six, when her boyfriend should be home. She drops the glass of water, which hits the floor on the drum beat of the word “breathe”, and runs to the door and opens it as the chorus continues. She sees that he’s not home and begins to cry heavily. Her legs give way at the doorway and she falls to her knees in her black nightdress (still not changed the way she’s looked since we saw her in the morning, makeup even more smudged now, bloodshot eyes) with her shaking her head and putting her hands on her head.  We get to the line ‘In my thoughts… In my dreams’ and on “thoughts” and “dreams” it cuts to two different shots, one on each word, of her boyfriend with the girl. One still of his arm around her by the cart, and one still of them staring at each other at the parlour. Cuts back on “taking over me” as she stares up into the sky, with mascara running down her eyes, and then back down as her boyfriend comes walking to the door. She seems him on the first “It’s like I’m not me” and his footsteps walk in time with the piano notes before the second “It’s like I’m not me” where she hugs him and whispers in his ear those words at the end of the chorus.

The next verse begins in the same way as the first, A close up on Kelly’s lips singing “It’s like I’m lost” with nothing else to be seen before cutting to her boyfriend walking down the street helping one of the female neighbours wash her car. The black car is soaped up and the female with long, brown hair, wearing blue denim shorts and a bikini top, is getting rather friendly with Kelly’s boyfriend as she removes his top to ‘make sure he doesn’t get it wet’. Cut’s back to Kelly on “And I know” as she’s washing her hands in the bathroom, scrubbing frantically as she sings, staring into the mirror in front of her, her hands red raw. She looks out the window just to her left and sees her topless boyfriend and the brunette in a bikini. Throwing her nail brush, which she’d be scrubbing herself with, into the bath on the word ‘breathe’ (in time with the drum beat) she storms down the stairs, angry tears pouring down her cheeks, with a close up of her face as she sings “I’m addicted to you”. She gets to the door and opens it on “thoughts” and closes it behind her quietly on “dreams” and on the line “you’ve taken over me” we have a shot from behind Kelly, with her head on the right of the shot, and her view of her boyfriend and the brunette in the rest of the shot. As we get to the second “it’s like I’m not me” she turns her head to the left so we can see the side of her face, as she sings that line.

As we get to the bridge of the song, “I’m hooked on you…” we have a moving shot, watching the front of Kelly as she walks slowly down the path, almost zombified by what she’s seen. Her footsteps in time with the music as it gets more and more dramatic. She reaches them on the first “get me through this”. Her face, a mess from running and smudged make up, her hair all matted and knotted, her eyes dark from the smudging. She picks up the bucket of water and empties the mucky water quickly on the grass at the word “fix” before throwing the bucket at the brunette on the word “hit”, grabbing her boyfriend by the back of his neck and pulling him in closer to her as she sings “just one more time then that’s it” before pushing him away into her black car, his back hitting the door of it on “through this”.

She walks back as the final chorus begins, her face drenched in tears and black make up. Her boyfriend runs to catch up with her as she tilts her head to the side singing “I’m addicted to you” she gets back to the house, opens the door on “dreams”, pushes him out onto the other side of the door on “you’ve taken over me” and slams the door behind her. She turns her back on the big brown door as you see his face through the tiny window, near the higher end of the door, behind her. On “it’s like I’m not me” she slides down the door to the bottom where she sits down, knees tucked up to her chest, then staring straight into the camera for the final “it’s like I’m not me” with a close up on her face. As soon as that’s said, the camera zooms out to see her, a crying mess, on the floor against the door, with her boyfriend’s head still by the window in the door.


Kelly Clarkson – Thankful

After being crowned America’s first Idol on September 4th 2002, Kelly Clarkson had the world at her feet. And with America’s expectations so high, the weight on her shoulders was also pretty intense. With it’s release in the UK on July 7th 2003, and Clarkson being relatively unknown here, apart from her appearance on World Idol which the UK’s Pop Idol was also on, her album sales here would hardly be huge. Breakaway would be her time to shine, for now this is an album which most Brit’s would pick up after purchasing her sophomore album. But nevertheless, the album is exactly what America voted Clarkson for. Her vocals are supreme, and her writing skills are starting to show, helping pen a few tracks on the album. Thankful is a solid debut and a clear indication of things to come, and there’s no doubt that Clarkson will be around for a long time in the future.

The Trouble With Love Is is the starting track to the album, and straight away you can sense the ‘bluesy’ feel to it. It was featured in the soundtrack to Love Actually and it made it into the UK singles chart at #35.

Miss Independent is the next track, released as the first single here and was an international success, charting at #6 in the UK. It’s a fun, bouncy and catchy track that definitely has ‘feel-good anthem’ written all over it.

Low follows, which was also a single release but not here in the UK. A slower song compared to Miss Independent but still filled with quality and amazing vocals. Clarkson shows her range from softer tones to her belting out the chorus.

Some Kind Of Miracle is next, and it’s a tender ballad, with a similar bluesy vibe to it. This is a song which Clarkson can really grab hold of and drive home with her variety of vocal trills and vibratos.

What’s Up Lonely is a soft rock song with a simple arrangement of just a drum beat and the faint sound of keyboards in the background. The song is also simple, but effective.

Just Missed The Train is next, and it’s a cover of the Danielle Brisebois song. Clarkson sings it really well, as she proves that she’s a deserved winner of the series, making this song her own.

Beautiful Disaster follows next, and it’s an acoustic number which is the same as the Beautiful Disaster that’s played live on Breakaway. Although I prefer the live version, this isn’t to be discounted as it’s completely different to the piano version, and in a good way.

You Thought Wrong is the next track, and it features fellow Idol contestant Tamrya Gray. It’s clearly a ladies anthem and has ‘women power’ oozing from it.

Thankful follows and it has a slight country feel to it, with a slow guitar jam throughout. It’s clear that Clarkson can sing most genres of music, and very well as her vocals suit most styles.

Anytime is the next track, and one of my favourites off the album. It’s a huge power ballad where Clarkson’s vocals soar to new levels, saving the best for towards the end of the album. With a choir in the background, Clarkson sounds almost angelic.

A Moment Like This was Clarkson’s coronation song for her American Idol win. Many people have covered this song since, but, as with most things, the originals are the best.

Before Your Love is the final track from the album, and probably my favourite. The final 3 tracks are really worth waiting for, not that the album’s tedious, but it just gets better as it goes on. Before Your Love is a tremendous ballad, filled with long notes for Clarkson to show off the power and precision in her voice.

Overall, Thankful is a great debut album from the American Idol winner. It’s solid from start to finish, and sets Clarkson off for a great career. It even entered the UK album charts at #41. I’d give this album a good 7/10.

Since winning the original American Idol, Clarkson has released one studio album, Thankful, and has starred in a movie called From Justin To Kelly. Now it was up to her to create her sophomore album, one she was part of, and proud of. Breakaway was released here in the UK on July 18th 2005, and it was this year that Clarkson would soon realise that she wasn’t going to be “just a talent winner” but a worldwide superstar. This would propel her into the spotlight, confirming her place there with a multi-platinum album. And this album is definitely one of my favourite pop/rock albums of all time, with high-spirited choruses, flawless vocals and a variety of song styles.

Breakaway starts the album off, a soft, mellow track written by Avril Lavigne. It was the fourth single and it was featured in the soundtrack to the movie The Princess Diaries 2, reaching #22 in the UK singles chart. It’s a good opener, with a long flowing chorus to set the standard, but it only goes up from here.

Since U Been Gone follows, leading us towards the new route Clarkson is going down. Her first single is pop/rock at it’s finest. This is an anthem in its own right and one of my favourite songs off the album, I remember buying the single! As she bellows “shut your mouth, I just can’t take it! Again and again and again and AGAIN!” you know she means business. The track was a huge success and her breakthrough single, peaking at #5 on the UK singles chart.

Behind These Hazel Eyes starts explosively, with a killer guitar riff and drum beat to set you up for my all-time favourite Clarkson song. Behind These Hazel Eyes was written by Kelly, as well as Max Martin and Dr. Luke who provided us with Since U Been Gone and My Life Would Suck Without You. The song did reasonably in the UK chart, peaking at#9, but, of course, I felt that it should have been higher being the second single.

Because Of You begins next, bringing you the best ballad on the album. A piano song which Clarkson wrote when she was 16, and is one of her most well-known songs around the world. Her words are deep and emotional, and her vocals are world-class as she delivers a performance anyone would be proud of. The song peaked at #7 on the UK singles chart and was the third single.

Gone starts, with an up-beat guitar riff to get you going. It provides a killer chorus to get you singing along and Gone is largely underrated with the lyrics, vocals and instruments all in a league of their own.

Addicted follows with Clarkson singing “it’s like you’re a drug” acapella before the instruments join the party. But not the kind of party you want to throw balloons about or eat cake in. Oh no, this is a dark ballad about her addiction to someone, and this is truly a brilliant song, becoming one of my favourites from the album.

Where Is Your Heart is another ballad, but with a lighter feel to it. Clarkson’s searching for feelings within her man, as she states “your love is so cold”. The song escalates to a killer bridge, and ranges from soft vocals, to belting hooks as she searches for love.

Walk Away is next, the fifth and final single from the album. A feel-good anthem which, most definitely, makes you want to sing along, especially joining in on the addictive “hey”s before shouting “just walk away”. The song did fairly well in the charts, peaking at #21, but as many people had already bought the album, by the fifth single, the sales weren’t massive.

You Found Me is up next, and has a slow, haunting verse to lead you into a rocking chorus. One of the many underrated songs by Clarkson, You Found Me is a brilliant track, worthy of making the album.

I Hate Myself For Losing You follows and gives you a soulful chorus, and edgy verses. From start to finish, Clarkson’s in your face telling you how much she shouldn’t have let you go.

Hear Me is next, another perfect song choice for Breakaway and this packs a punch. The chorus is as desperate as the song, and Clarkson is looking to be heard. But not desperate in a bad or amateur way. The energy of the song gets the point across to you.

Beautiful Disaster (Live) finishes off the main album. And what a way to do so. Beautiful Disaster can be found on Thankful, but this is a piano version of the song. And, in my opinion, the best way to play the song. The vocals are sang with the passion needed to pull it off, away from the acoustic guitar.

Miss Independent & Low are the two bonus tracks, both featured on Thankful.

Overall, this album is a classic. From start to finish, it has a polished, well-presented feel to it and Clarkson’s voice has only gotten better since her first album, Thankful. Whether you’re looking for a feel-good anthem, or a ballad you want to sob your eyes out to, this album is for you. With the album peaking at #3 on the UK chart and selling 5x Platinum here, you know that this is a complete killer album. Definitely worthy of 9/10.

Kelly Clarkson – My December

My December was definitely an exciting prospect. Clarkson’s third album, which was a follow up to the worldwide smash Breakaway, and things were surely to go in a similar direction? Not quite. This album was different. It was special. What was so different about this album? Clarkson penned every song on it, so it was a very personal album. To Kelly fans, this is exactly what they were waiting for. Clarkson at her most raw, most vulnerable. And that’s exactly what they got. An edgier Kelly was the least you could say about the album. She wrote the songs while on her Breakaway World Tour and the songs are a story from beginning to end. It was the lowest point in her career, emotionally, and everything was wearing her down. The album was released in the UK on June 25th 2007, and it was a completely rockier Clarkson than we’ve seen before. The head of her record label was unsatisfied with album, labelling it “too negative” and “dark”. But this was Kelly’s time to shine and take control. And, in my opinion, that’s exactly what she did.

Never Again was the first single, and the lead-off track to the album. Starting the album off with a band, Clarkson hurls “I hope the ring you gave to her turns her finger green” right in your face. And that’s when you know she means business. From then on, it’s confirmed that this is not going to be a copy of Breakaway. Peaking at #9 on the UK singles chart, Never Again didn’t quite replicate the success of Since U Been Gone, but was still one of the stand out tracks on the album.

One Minute is the next track, and the chorus is fierce, explaining how “I keep trying to get up but I keep falling back”. Even though her vocals are more harsh and edgy, she still delivers melodically when she needs to.

Hole is the following track, and again, a huge chorus is built into this song. She sings “There’s a hole, inside of me, it’s so cold..” explaining how empty she’s feeling. In the bridge she cries out “Something’s wrong.. I can feel it!” which one of my favourite lines and high points of the song.

Sober is the first ballad of the album, and, to date, is my favourite all-time Clarkson ballad. The softness in her voice disguises her pain, until she kick-starts her pipes and climbs an octive which sends chills down your spine. This should have been released in the UK, regardless of mainstream likeability. It is completely underrated.

Don’t Waste Your Time was the second and unfortunately final single released in the UK. It also failed to chart, so they scrapped a third single. This doesn’t mean the song was terrible, by any means. It’s a great song that didn’t take off. “Don’t waste your time on me, my friend. Friend, what does that even mean?” is sung, making us feel as if Clarkson is alone where she in her life right now.

Judas is next, with another chorus that punches the breath out of your lungs. Clarkson is screaming “How could you let me down?” throughout, her harsh vocals cutting through your eardrums, etching her pain into your soul.

Haunted follows, with, ironically, a haunting intro that leads into a guitar riff. Her choruses follow a similar pattern, as does my review, constantly reminding you of the pain she’s feeling, wailing “Where are you? I need you..” singing about being alone in many of the songs.

Be Still is the second ballad on My December, a much more relaxed feel to the album, and a well-deserved breather from the pain she’s been feeling. The sultry tones in Clarkson’s voice are a breath of fresh air amidst the chaotic anger and emotion she’s been feeling.

Maybe makes up back-to-back ballads on the album. She sings “I’m stubborn and I make plenty of mistakes” but not in the style of the rest of the album, in a more calmer manner. The drum beat kicks in after the second chorus, bringing the song to life as she sings “I’m confusing as hell”.

How I Feel is next, and one of my favourites off the album. It has a pop/rock feel to it, but doesn’t feel as ferocious as the previous tracks. It could have been a good single in the UK if it was released. It’s upbeat, but still keeps to the lyrical theme of the album.

Yeah follows, and proceeds to be my favourite off the album, maybe tied with Sober. It has a different vibe to it, not quite the hard rock she’s been playing. More softer rock, with a jazzy feel to it. The chorus is simply “Yeah, let me know” but that doesn’t mean her lyrics are simple like that. The phrasing and vocal trills/vibrato is brilliant and makes the song what it is.

Can I Have A Kiss is next, and is also a great track. “If I can’t hold you, can I give you a kiss?” is chanted by Clarkson, and her haunting words almost hypnotize you into doing so.

Irvine is the next track, a song which she wrote after her gig in Irvine, California, which she describes as the lowest point in her life and career. Amidst the misery that’s surrounded in the song, the vocals chill and mesmerize you into a trance-like state, making you unable to stop listening to the song.

Chivas is hidden in the 8-minute long track of Irvine, giving the album a country-like edge, albeit only slightly. “Baby I can’t stand the sight of your face.” Going on to sing about a failed relationship. This is also a great song, and the full 8 minutes together doesn’t feel as if it’s dragging on.

Dirty Little Secret is the first bonus track on the album, and it’s pretty good, almost worthy of making the main album. The guitar riff is really catchy.

Not Today is the second bonus track, and starts off really well. A killer riff and Clarkson’s vocals making a match made in heaven. The chorus also starts off well, but as it gets to the end, you get the reason why it’s just a bonus track. It’s not quite got “it”.

Fading is the final bonus track and from start to finish, it feels like a bonus track. It hasn’t quite got the standard of the other songs on the album. It almost sounds a bit like a demo.

Overall, My December isn’t the commercial, many-singles follow up to Breakaway, but that doesn’t matter to me, or to many true Clarkson fans out there. Yes, a couple of the bonus tracks aren’t quite up to scratch, but the tracks that make up for them are truely brilliant, and Clarkson at her lyrical and vocal best. My December peaked at #2 on the UK album charts, so it wasn’t all bad. I’d definitely give this album a good 8/10.

Okay, I thought i’d start off with an obvious one. Released on March 9th 2009 in the UK, of course I was going to be excited, i’ve been waiting for this for the past 2 years. It was originally titled Masquerade but Kelly felt their were too many similar titled albums out this year, such as Funhouse by P!nk and Circus by Britney Spears. So this 17 track album, including bonus tracks of course, was a step up from My December? Well, yes and no. Yes, if you want a more radio-friendly, catchier album with plenty of high-energy choruses. But if you were looking for another Clarkson-dominated lyrical masterpiece, then maybe not so much. Although she contributes to the album, as many as 5 songs are covered and it has a lot of input by producer, and vocalist of OneRepublic, Ryan Tedder as he wrote most of the uncovered songs. But don’t let that put you off, as Clarkson vocals are as impressive as ever.

My Life Would Suck Without You is the opener, and boy does it set the tone. The guitar riff, some might say, is similar to Since U Been Gone but I disagree. With a belting chorus to knock you for six, Clarkson bellows “Because we belong together now, yeah!” making you bellow along with her. It’s a perfect opener and definitely worthy of her first #1 in the UK singles chart.  With the writers who penned Since U Been Gone and Behind These Hazel Eyes, Max Martin and Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald surely knew they’d written a winner here.

I Do Not Hook Up follows, with Clarkson singing a Katy Perry song. This could always have caused controversy, as Clarkson could be perceived as stealing songs from others. But her record label went ahead in naming it the second single. Compared to Katy’s version, Kelly’s vocals are of a much higher standard, and this is proven when you compare the two. But you have to give Perry some credit, the lyrics she wrote are genius. “I can’t cook, no, but I can clean up the mess you left” is phrased perfectly and is a real gem from Perry. Now because of Perry writing the original, I’m unsure if this had anything to do with the lack of follow-up success, only reaching #36 in the UK singles charts.

Cry is up next, and is the first ballad of the album, setting the standard higher. Clarkson’s ballads have clearly improved significantly and this should definitely have been released instead of Already Gone. The chorus is stunning, with Kelly’s vocals soaring amidst the slow drum beats and the guitar riffs. It definitely could have been the Because Of You of All I Ever Wanted.

Don’t Let Me Stop You follows and is possibly my favourite off the album. Having a Behind These Hazel Eyes success written all over it, RCA, Kelly’s record company, baffle me as to why they didn’t release this instead of I Do Not Hook Up. The upbeat, feel-good tempo instantly puts you in a good mood. With the bridge being sang ‘…and I don’t need to hold on.’ carrying the note into an explosive chorus, it clearly had “Top Ten Hit” etched in my mind.

All I Ever Wanted is next. Kelly covers rock/pop band Aranda’s song with the same name, and she produces a different feel to it, and also to the album, going a little journey away from her rock/pop. The song is a great addition to the album.

Already Gone follows, and was named as the third single. Now this is one of Ryan Tedder’s ‘wonders’ as it has sparked a huge controversy. The song has the same chord structure as Beyoncé Knowles’ Halo and has been cast as a “carbon copy” of the Beyoncé hit. This was never Clarkson’s fault, as Already Gone was written before Halo but the album was being pressed before she could remove it. Then the biggest mistake of them all, RCA chose it as the third single. Who would want to listen to a ‘copy’ of a Beyoncé masterpiece? Not a lot of people. Now, I don’t mean to be negative about the song, but the situation frustrates me as you can probably tell. Not just because Clarkson is marked a copy-cat, but because I genuinely love the song, and it could have been a hit without the Tedder controversy, which led it to get cancelled from release in the UK.

If I Can’t Have You is the next song on the album, and with a bouncy chorus, this could be a hit on the radio. The intro may have a small similarity to Fly On The Wall by Miley Cyrus, but I discount that as it’s not similar enough for me to comment on it any further. This song is a catchy, radio-friendly song and it grows on you the more you listen to it.

Save You is the second ballad on the album, and, I must admit, at first I wasn’t too keen. But I played it a few more times and it really grew on me. The classical piano-esque bridge towards the end of the song is really beautiful, and the lyrics and meaning behind the song is fantastic.

Whyyawannabringmedown is next, and brings a punky feel to the album, and is another cover from the band Aranda. Did we just hear Kelly sing “I’m not your love monkey”?  But with chorus clapping and Clarkson’s vocal acrobatics, she clearly makes it her own and successfully aswell.

Long Shot follows and is the other Katy Perry written song. Again, you can’t fault Perry’s lyrics “My heartbeat beats me senselessly” is an incredible lyric. Also, if Perry hadn’t of penned this, it would be an obvious choice for a single, but releasing two Katy Perry songs would be a ridiculous idea. Nevertheless, it’s a standout song of the album.

Impossible is next, and could easily be forgotten on the album. It quite possibly has “filler song” marked through it. But even so, it is still a decent track with Clarkson showing off her talent supremely.

Ready is quite possibly a hidden gem on the album. Clarkson reminds us of her ranges, whilst singing “I’m ready now, oh, i’m ready now”. Her “oh”s are brilliantly sung and her hushed “come get me” can’t help you smile at her charming whisper.

I Want You has a fun feel to it and, although, it doesn’t necessarily have a Clarkson ‘feel’ to the song, she definitely shows us she’s more than ballads and rock songs with a more contemporary feel to it.

If No One Will Listen is the final ballad on the main album, a cover of the Keri Noble song. Noble does sing the song well, but Clarkson takes it to a new level. With a smaller arrangement of just a piano and then introducing strings and a soft drum beat into it, it definitely proves it’s a great song to finish off the album.

Tip Of My Tongue is the first bonus track, and it feels like this would have been the direction Clarkson had gone, if she’d stuck with her Pop beginnings, rather than her Rockier ways. This track, for me, is skippable and is no surprise that it’s a bonus track.

The Day We Fell Apart is the second bonus track, and, in my opinion, is worthy of making the main album, rather than a bonus track. The song feels a little edgier than some of the bouncier pop in the album. The chorus is rocky and powerful and has a great beat to it.

Can We Go Back is the final bonus track, and I also feel it should have made the album. But it’s more of the My December era than this album, with a bigger edge than any of the other songs on here. Not that it’s a “dark” song, but the feel of it is different. The guitars are heavier and Clarkson’s vocals are harsher. But this is a great addition, even if it didn’t make the full album.

Overall, All I Ever Wanted could quite possibly be called “pop perfection” and it is most likely going to be my favourite album of 2009. Even with the two songs that are ‘forgettable’ or ‘skippable’, this doesn’t mean that I dislike them, they’re solid songs. The album entered and peaked at #3 on the UK album charts, but I feel that with a different record label, it could have done even better. I’d give this album 9/10 at least.