Never before in my experience have I, and what feels like any pop culture enthusiast, felt such anticipation for a music video. If you decide to bookmark it in that genre of the media, that is. Because Lady GaGa’s nine minute masterpiece feels more like a short film, as opposed to just your typical everyday music video. With the unlikely pairing of GaGa, real name Stefani Germanotta, and Beyoncé, arguably the two biggest stars of 2009, you can’t not feel that the pairing would create something special. Having already taken part in a remix of Beyoncé’s single Video Phone, Lady GaGa’s song Telephone gets the star treatment and more than outshines the rather unimaginative video for Beyoncé’s form of communication device.

Continuing on from her Paparazzi video, where she was jailed for poisoning and killing her boyfriend, GaGa is dragged towards her jail cell by two interesting looking officers. What I love about Lady GaGa is summed up as she is stripped of her garments and left by the guards, with one of them saying “I told you she didn’t have a dick”. Having had huge speculation about her gender, GaGa pokes fun at herself and the rumour which sums her character up to a tee. The other guard replies with “Too bad” before leaving her naked in her jail cell.

Now this video probably isn’t suitable for children, with swearing, fighting and a bit of nudity featuring throughout the duration of the video, along with a lesbian kiss between GaGa herself and a rather butch looking inmate.

With a massive 9 different outfits, Lady GaGa more than lives up to her eccentric persona, making the bizarre outfits work, like only Lady GaGa can. Ranging from a bondage-esque chain outfit with a pair of sunglasses made out of smoking cigarettes, the studded jacket/underwear combo pictured above, police tape covering very little of her body and a cat suit.

From watching the video, I feel that there will be difficulties cutting it down for television, because of the detail and the suitability for younger viewers. Although the dialogue breaking up the vocals adds to the time, it really brings the motion picture feel to the video, and I feel that if the dialogue is taken away from the music channel cut, the video wouldn’t really make sense as a whole, it would just look out-of-place. At first when watching it, although I was in awe at what I had just seen, I was confused to the meaning of the video. Why would the setting of a jail have anything to do with the lyrics?

How did singing “Not that I don’t like you, I’m just at a party.” fit in with the jail theme, if you were on the phone in your cell? In my opinion, after watching the video a few more times and thinking about the lyrics, I feel that the meaning of the song is much deeper than what it first appears as. Rather than just a song about a club and ignoring a love interest because they cannot be bothered with them, what if it is a little darker. What if it’s about hiding a secret? Masking it with singing about a club and giving the wrong impression, but instead she is in jail and doesn’t want to let anyone know? Behind the theatrics and costume, it could just be about keeping certain things to yourself, but leading others to believe differently.

However you perceive the video, you can’t deny its unique appeal. Going from poisoning her boyfriend by herself to joining forces with Beyoncé and plotting mass murder, also from poisoning, before dancing amongst the corpses and fleeing the scene, GaGa does a pretty good job of getting away from trouble, or does she? The helicopter

shadow following their Pussy Wagon, the car from the Kill Bill movies by Quentin Tarantino, suggests that they might not be home and dry after all.

I feel that with Beyoncé’s previous roles in films, she outshines GaGa in the dialogue scenes. Knowles looks more relaxed in front of the camera, although I don’t know if GaGa’s character is supposed to be not quite so calm. Again, maybe perception plays a part here. What I do know, is that “Honey Bee” and GaGa are a perfect match in this video. And who would have thought the two could have worked so well together? It seems like we won’t have to wait long before seeing these two on-screen again.

That we do know, as the dreaded words “To Be Continued….” are shown on the screen, meaning we’ll have to wait to find out what happens next. You just can’t fault this video. It’s a work of pure genius that definitely deserves the recognition it will get in the next few weeks. The video is below, I’ve said enough. Just sit back and enjoy the video that will more than likely go down in history.