Carrie Underwood won the fourth season of American Idol in 2005, and had the tough task of trying to do what season 2 and 3 winners failed to do, and that was to be as successful as Kelly Clarkson. She beat runner-up Bo Bice and went on to sing the coronation song Inside Your Heaven. I can’t remember how I got into Carrie, or even found out about her, as American Idol wasn’t on over in this country, but i’m so glad I did as she’s an amazing vocalist and country singer. This album holds one of the best Carrie songs on it, which I’m sure you could take a guess at, once you listen to it. The album was released on November 15th 2005 in America, where I presume it was released here around that time.

Wasted is the first track off the album, and gets straight into the country feel. It was the sixth and final single in America. She doesn’t waste (excuse the pun) any time in reminding us why she won American Idol with her vocal range.

Don’t Forget To Remember Me is next, and a really sweet song from Underwood. It was the fourth single in America and Underwood shows her tender vocals aswell as her belting notes.

Some Hearts is the titled track from the album, being released as the third single from Some Hearts. This is a more poppy song than some of the others, towards the end where she uses the highest octave in her range is beautiful.

Jesus, Take The Wheel follows and was the second single from the album. It’s a great slow song, with a more country feel to it and is probably my favourite slow song on the album.

The Night Before (Life Goes On) is next, and I’ve got to say, i’m not a huge fan of this song. I mean, yeah it’s okay musically with its verses and choruses, but there’s nothing that’s amazing about it. And I don’t really like the chosen way she sang “the night before, life goes on”.

Lessons Learned follows Underwood starting in her lower range, before switching between it and her higher range. She really has a great upper range and this song is a good example of that.

Before He Cheats is next, and was the fifth single from the album and my personal favourite song by Underwood in her career so far. The song is perfect, with her oozing “independent lady”ness. That’s right, it’s a word. It’s country pop at its finest.

Starts With Goodbye follows and really gets going during the chorus, as Underwood’s vocals really stand out best in the upper octaves and that’s just what she does in the chorus.

I Just Can’t Live A Lie is next and has a familiar feel to it, similar to the previous song. But nevertheless the song is good, with Underwood showing her potential for another record.

We’re Young And Beautiful follows and is a welcome change from the similar last two songs. It’s more of a faster song, but not too fast. The attitude to the song is really good and it has a nice feel to it.

That’s Where It Is is next and is a beautiful song. Underwood has done many slow songs on this album, but this definitely is a great one. I love the lead up to the chorus.

Whenever You Remember follows and has a less country feel to it, as it’s a piano ballad. The chorus is sweet and I feel like I should be swaying my arms in the sky as I listen.

I Ain’t In Checotah Anymore is the penultimate track on the album and is about the changes she’s gone through from winning American Idol. It’s a great way of expressing her feelings about winning, the song is great.

Inside Your Heaven is the final track on the album and the coronation song of her Idol win. It was the first single and the ballad really shows off her vocal ability.

Overall, Some Hearts is a decent debut album from the season four winner, but there’s definitely greater things to come from Carrie Underwood. I’d rate this album as 7/10.