Paramore are back with their third studio album, and they’re really maturing as a band. After the reasonable success of Riot! and their majorly successful feature on the soundtrack of the first Twilight movie,  they’ve got a bigger fan base and are taking the world by storm. Williams and the gang, as I said before, have definitely matured, showing a major variety in style and difference in sound, which can only bring them more success. This album is a step in the right direction, with its release on September 28th 2009.

Careful is the first track on the album, and it sure starts off with a bang. With a peculiar intro, leading to a fantastic chorus, with astounding vocals from Williams and brilliant rhythm guitar, you can’t go wrong with it.

Ignorance is next and was the first single from the album, so far peaking at #11 in the singles chart. The bridge and chorus are great, with “Ignorance is your new best friend” being chanted by Williams in the chorus.

Playing God follows and has a slower intro, with just a guitar melody. As Williams joins in, the song explodes into life, but it has a lighter feel to it. The lyrics are great, and with backing vocals from the guys when singing “I’ll point you to the mirror” adds a really nice touch to the song.

Brick By Boring Brick is next, and set to be the second single from brand new eyes. When I first heard this song, I knew I’d love it. The “Ba Da Ba, Ba Da Ba Ba Da” after the chorus is brilliant, and the chorus itself is melodic and catchy.

Turn If Off follows and it has a less-livelier feel to it. Williams still sounds magnificent, with a more tender performance to give you a different side to her.

The Only Exception is next and is a slower song with an almost lullaby-like intro. The song is soothing, and is something we’ve not heard from Paramore on the previous albums, with an acoustic guitar and keys backing up Williams’ voice.

Feeling Sorry follows and brings back the high energy to the album. I seem to always be going on about melodies and harmonies, but again Paramore deliver a great set of those, it’s something that stands out with them as a band.

Looking Up is the next track on the album and I love the drumming that Zac Farro bashes out during the chorus, it’s really well done with the guitars providing the foundations to a great song.

Where The Lines Overlap follows and was one of the tracks they previewed on their last tour before the album was released. Shockingly, my favourite part is the chorus as Williams continues with her stunning vocals. The outro notes are really good too.

Misguided Ghosts is a real slow ballad. With an acoustic guitar and Williams’ voice the only things heard, it’s a really sweet song. The acoustic guitar is played brilliantly and the style of the song is really different to what we’re used to from Paramore.

All I Wanted is the penultimate song on the album, and, I must admit, I wasn’t a fan when I first heard it. But after listening to it a few more times, it really grows on you. Another slower song to finish, with Williams’ haunting vocals really standing out majorly. You need a few listens to appreciate the song.

Decode is the final song on the album, and is a bonus track. It was featured on the Twilight soundtrack, and many people heard Paramore for the first time during the film. What annoys me about this song actually has nothing to do with the song itself, but Twilight fans think that Paramore equals Twilight. And that really gets on my nerves, as they’re extremely better than some vampire movie. All that aside, it’s still a really great song.

Overall, brand new eyes is definitely not what I was expecting. I thought we’d get an album almost identical to the last, but instead we have a completely new feel to the band, providing different arrangements and sounds that really took me by surprise. After thinking about it, I’d give the album 9/10.