Following the success of their previous album From Under The Cork Tree, Fall Out Boy had the tough task of producing a new album that was up to the standards of the last one. With the release of Infinity On High on February 5th 2007, we all rushed out to get our copy to see what Fall Out Boy did next. Upon hearing the first single, many fans were put off as it felt like a different band, and with a rapper also featuring in one of the tracks, questions were raised as if they’d become “sell-outs”. Many people’s opinions differ, so you’ll have to make your own mind up about this, but i’m not sure that they did sell out, just went in a different direction to show a new side to them.

Thriller is the first track and features rapper Jay-Z in the intro. The guitar intro behind his voice is good and the riffs into the vocals are really rock-y, with the double-bass pedal of the drums an unexpected welcome. The chorus is really catchy and one of my favourites on the album.

“The Take Over, The Breaks Over” is next and features Ryan Ross formally of Panic At The Disco and Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, both doing guitar solos. This song is really great, with Stump’s vocals working well with the drumming and guitars in the background. Plus, the clapping in the song works well too and that’s why it reached #48 on the singles chart, as their third single.

This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race was the first single choice from the album, and soared into #2 on the singles chart. I much prefer the bridge to the chorus, as the “This Ain’t A Scene….” doesn’t really work for me. The “I’m a leading man…” however, I thoroughly enjoy.

I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You) is next, and you didn’t really think we’d escape another long name, did you? It peaked at #91 on the singles chart, as it was the 4th single, it didn’t surprise me that it didn’t chart well. It’s a good song though, don’t get me wrong.

Hum Hallelujah follows and builds up from just drums to bass and rhythm guitar, then letting Stump enter with his magnificent voice. The chorus is the best part, as you sing along with the “Hum hallelujah”s. “I sing the blues and swallow them too.” is a great line in the song.

Golden is next, and is a rather unique song. It’s a piano ballad, which we’ve yet to experience from Fall Out Boy. And it’s a risk that pays off as the ballad is tender and subtle. The harmonies are particularly brilliant.

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs follows, and was the second single. It’s a fast, catchy song that we’re used to hearing from Fall Out Boy, a nice change in tempo from the ballad before. It reached a respectable #12 on the singles chart.

Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am? is next and brings you a bit more clapping for your appetite. “We walk the plank on a sinking ship” is just an example of one of Fall Out Boys genial lyrics from the album.

The (After) Life Of The Party follows and probably has my favourite song title of the album, I just think it’s really clever. The chorus is packed with plenty of belting notes that are held onto by Stump to make this track very memorable.

The Carpal Tunnel Of Love is next, and brings a slightly heavier side to Fall Out Boy, with screams from Wentz to take over a verse towards the end of the song. Stump picks it up at the end to deliver a melody back into your ears before you start getting carried away with your head banging!

Bang The Doldrums follows and has a guitar melody that’ll get stuck in your head for hours. “I couldn’t bring myself to call, except to call it quits” is an example why Fall Out Boy are brilliant lyricists.

Fame < Infamy is next, and brings the speed up as you get caught up in the guitar intros. The chorus, although not perfectly melodic, it’s still really good because the pace and sound of the song fit perfectly together.

You’re Crashing, But You’re No Wave follows and also has a great song name. The chorus is definitely a highlight, as Stump’s vocals really are a pleasure to listen to. He really deserves more credit than he gets.

I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers is next, and was the final track on the album, aside from bonus tracks. I love this song, it has a way of making me feel like dancing. My favourite lyric here has to be “You’re a canary, i’m a coal mine”.

G.I.N.A.S.F.S. is the final track, a bonus one. It’s a shame that some people didn’t get this song as it’s a really catchy one. The chorus is great and Stump rounds off a brilliant performance by him, and his band of course. At the end, it has a computer generated voice saying “Now press repeat.”

Overall, Infinity On High is a great follow up to their previous album, although doesn’t quite beat it. It doesn’t surprise me that this album did better though, as they reached out to new listeners as well as enticing the previous ones back for a new sound. The album reached #3 on the chart and it’d definitely be worth 8/10.