After finally being signed in 2007, You Me At Six had already acquired a huge, loyal fan base from all the local gigs they’d been playing. Now they had a record label and were ready to put all the demos and recordings into a proper studio, and produce a quality album. And they didn’t disappoint either. Take Off Your Colours was released on October 8th 2008 and every single fan bought what they’d been waiting for. For so long, they’d hoped You Me At Six would get a record label and release a CD, and they were provided with one of the best albums of 2008.

The Truth Is A Terrible Thing is the first track off the album, and it sure sets you up for an amazing listening experience. With an epic intro riff to set you off, then Josh Franceschi, the lead singer, jumps in with the first word “Nervous” and reminds you how much you love this band, and how much you’ll love this album.

Gossip is next, and starts off with the irresistably catchy “Woah Oh”‘s which instantly makes you join in, no matter what you’re doing. The song continues to be catchy as you sing along to the chorus with Franceschi.

Call That A Comeback? follows and with a bridge-to-chorus change like in this song, you’ve got no room to complain. Franceschi’s voice is fantastic, accompanied by his band’s exquisite playing, and is just a joy listen to.

Jealous Minds Think Alike is next, and was the first single released in the Take Off Your Colours era. This is one of my favourites off the album, with Franceschi’s vocals really showing off their talents, and lyrically, the song is fantastic.

Save It For The Bedroom was one of the first songs I heard from this band, and I fell in love with it from the first time I heard it. They’ve released it as a single twice, updating the original recording for the album. “Keep your hands to yourself” is the first line which, when played live, no one forgets to sing back at the band.

Take Off Your Colours is next and the harmonies and change in dynamics is fantastic on the album. It really shows that You Me At Six are a quality band, that are capable of making many records in the future.

You’ve Made Your Bed (So Sleep In It) follows, and is also one of the first songs I heard by them. Remastered in the studio, it’s still as good as ever. It’s definitely another one that’d be sung back extremely loud as they play it in concert.

If You Run is next, and a killer intro with awesome guitar riffs sets you up for a song that really comes to life in the chorus. It’s probably my favourite part of the song, thanks to Franceschi’s vocals.

Tigers And Sharks follows and has a slower tempo than what we’ve been used to. It’s a welcome change, although that doesn’t discount the previous songs’ quality. The chorus brings a faster tempo though, so the speed is temporarily restored.

If I Were In Your Shoes is next and is definitely one to add to your list of favourite songs by You Me At Six, infact, just add most of them. The chorus is catchy, the guitar riffs are fantastic and Franceschi’s voice doesn’t fail to keep us hooked to the song.

Always Attract brings the tempo back down, with a little acoustic number featuring Franceschi’s sister Ellisa. His sister’s tender vocals intertwine and produce a wonderful melody and harmony that entrances you, making you repeat it over and over.

Nasty Habit is next, and it provides you with, yet again, another brilliant chorus. Franceschi sings “What a way for the ice to break” throughout. This song picks up the pace again after Always Attract.

The Rumour is the final track, and it’s super-fast and will have you jumping about at a live gig. The intro to the chorus is fantastic, as is the chorus itself. It brings the album to an end in style.

Overall, Take Off Your Colours is a fantastic debut from the Weybridge-based band. It provides you with fantastic vocals and guitar hooks that’ll get you singing and moving about. The album peaked on the UK chart at #25, which gives You Me At Six a promising future ahead of them. This album is definitely worthy of 9/10.