Following the reasonable success to Chariot, mainly due to his song I Don’t Want To Be being featured on an American teen drama, Gavin DeGraw had to prove that he’s much better than a TV show one-hit-wonder like I, and few other people, know he is. Gavin DeGraw was released on May 6th 2008 and I was eagerly awaiting to see what this man could produce in comparison to his previous album. I had high hopes, but in the back of my mind, I truly doubted that this album would come close to topping Chariot.

In Love With A Girl is the title track, and was the debut single. Straight away, with the guitar riff hitting you like a left-hook, you know this album’s coming out trying to prove something to every listener. This song has the perfect balance of rocky guitars and melodies to keep you in love with this song for a long time, it’s certainly my favourites from the album.

Next To Me (Wait A Minute Sister) is the next track, and it has a fantastic intro. DeGraw’s lyrics are as creative as they’ve ever been. He sings “Wait a minute sister, I know I ain’t your mister yet.” during the chorus, which is also just as good as the verse.

Cheated On Me follows, and as DeGraw starts off with “I’m lovesick somewhere tonight” you have a pretty good idea of what the song will be about. I love the piano in the background of the chorus after each line escalating higher with 5 chords, it always draws my attention.

I Have You To Thank is next, and has a more dancy feel to it. The chorus is brilliant, with the melody so catchy and lyrics so simple, but effective. They flow so easily and make the song sound so much better because of it.

Cop Stop follows and what you notice most in this song is the chorus, where DeGraw backs up his vocals with “I’m a cop, stop, baby i’m a cop, stop” after each chorus lyric. You also notice during the end of a chorus, he uses his falsetto on the word “me” in the final line “..and surrender to me.” which i’m not really sure i’m too keen on. It just doesn’t feel right to me there.

Young Love is next, and it’s a much slower song than the previous, which is a good thing as this song is tender and meaningful. It’s one of my favourite songs from the album, with the chorus melody hooking you in and convincing you to sing along.

Medicate The Kids begins and we hear “Tell her say no to drugs” as we hear another pharmaceutical-themed song make one of his albums. But that doesn’t matter too much, as the chorus brings you the perfect melody, backing vocals and harmonies to satisfy your every need.

Relative is next and the first verse pulls you in as you listen to DeGraw tell you what isn’t quite like something else. The chorus is also the high point of the song, it’s high-spirited and catchy, and that’s what we love him for.

She Holds A Key is a slower song also, with soft electric guitar and a more dominant piano. This ballad is perfect for showing of DeGraw’s vocal range.

Untamed is next and brings the album back to a faster pace. The chorus is particularly memorable, with DeGraw’s harmonies standing out.

Let It Go is the final slower song to the album, and the penultimate track to Gavin DeGraw. It’s charm is clear and you’d definitely end up swaying your arms in the air by the end of it.

We Belong Together is the last track on the album, ending the 45 minute album in style. With its difference in tempo, the slower jamming of DeGraw makes you wonder why he’s not a bigger star than he already is.

Overall, Gavin DeGraw is a work of art. It’s a shame that he’s not well recognised over in the UK. Surely this album would have enough to bring him to new heights if he had the right promotion over here. This album is definitely one of my favourites and a must-have. That’s why I give it 9/10.