All We Know Is Falling was the debut album from teenage rockers Paramore. It was released on April 24th 2006 here in the UK, a year before in the States, and was relatively unknown. It was an album that was one of the first in my collection. Well, discounting the “uncool” pop I have lying around from the late ’90s, early ’00s. It is a great debut album for any alternative rock lover and ‘wannabees’, and will definitely be played plenty of times in the future.

All We Know is the first song from the album and Hayley Williams doesn’t waste any time getting stuck in, showing us her belting vocals. This song was the third single, but unfortunately none were released in the UK, only in the States.

Pressure is next, and is one of my all-time favourite Paramore songs. It was the first single in the States, and was featured on computer game The Sims 2. The chorus is fantastically catchy, and it sure makes you want to sing along!

Emergency follows and, as Pressure, is up there in my top Paramore songs. It has a vaguely similar guitar riff intro to the previous song, but once it gets going, you know it’s a different song entirely. I really enjoy the chorus, where my favourite part is, the ‘rest’ after the first line where everything goes quiet for a split second, with the music restarting again. It was also the second single in the States.

Brighter starts up next, and with the lyrics “You shine brighter than anyone does” you know it’s going to be a good one. With Williams’ killer vocals and the Farro’s guitar and drumming, there’s no chance you won’t enjoy this.

Here We Go Again is the next track and when the symbols start crashing together like that, you know you’re going to love it. With the tempo changing from fast to slow, the variety in Williams’ voice are shown beautifully, and Paramore clearly know how to write a great song.

Never Let This Go follows, and proceeds to become one of my favourites from the album. “Maybe if my heart stops beating, it won’t hurt this much” Hayley sings softly, as the vulnerability in her voice shines through to a chorus that’ll get your falsetto warmed up. Williams’ voice really shines as she works her way through the chorus effortlessly.

Whoa is the next track and, as Williams sings “..and we’ve got everybody singing, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa.” we’ll all join in, there’s no question about that. Sorry about being so corny with that, but I felt it had to be done! This song is just fantastic.

Conspiracy follows, and is one of the very first songs Paramore wrote together as a band. But just because it was their first song, doesn’t mean it’s in any way amateur or below-par. This is a top quality song and any band would be proud to have this as their first ever song together.

Franklin is next, the title is the town where they all came from. “Going back to get away after everything has changed.” is brilliantly sang out by Williams’ clear-cut vocals and it really stands out on the album. You can see why they named it after the place where they came from, it’s worthy of the special place in their heart that i’m sure they feel for this song.

My Heart is the final song on the album, and it features guitarist Josh Farro’s screams, the only song on their album to do so. But instead of tossing away your headphones, it’s a welcomed surprise as they don’t overpower Williams’ superb vocals.

Overall, All We Know Is Falling is a fantastic album, that any band would be pleased with as their debut. It reached #7 on the UK rock chart, but didn’t make the album chart. But, considering their small-ish fan base over in America, it still didn’t do too bad reaching the top 10 in the rock chart. I’d definitely award this album at least 8.5/10.