Right, so this is my first blog. So far, it’s already impressive. I need to get the hang of the website and everything should look rather fantastic. So, a few things about me to get started.

  • I love music, and my blogging will reflect this.
  • I’m one of those “drop outs” from college.
  • I’ve now decided what I want to do, so things are on the up.
  • I used to want to be an actor, but I realised it wasn’t a reliable job, even though I still love it.
  • I’m now studying English Language/Literature, Psychology and Journalism, from home.
  • As from the end of September, I will be re-locating to Poland to live with a friend.

I think that will do just for now, I don’t want to give out TOO much straight away. More to come soon. This was rather fun.